Pregnancy Services

Did you know it can be beneficial to see a chiropractor during and after pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for a woman’s body, with the added weight a new baby brings leading to back pain and discomfort.

As a pregnant mother, you may have questions about whether chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy. 

We’re happy to say the answer is a resounding: yes!

At Next Level Chiropractic we have been trained to work with pregnant women, adjusting the spinal manipulations as needed to protect the abdomen and treat their body with care.

Every patient is treated as an individual. 

During your first visit, we discuss your medical history, including any past pregnancies. This helps with our assessment.

Chiropractic services also continue to be beneficial for your health and wellness after giving birth. 

The process of labor and delivery is an intense experience, requiring extensive exertion. 

Going to a chiropractor for treatment following labor can help bring your body back into alignment and aid in preventing further issues.